Once apon a time there was a little girl who met Toybox Charity at a Christian festival and was inspired by their work with street children in Latin America.

She became a local fundraising ambassador and even did a work placement in their head office in Milton Keynes with much “woo” and “awesome” along the way. She felt God telling her to go to Bolivia one day to help the work there. Time passed, Kathryn grew up and got GCSEs and an ambitious gap year plan came into being requiring £7000 fund raising. She trusted God and got busy fundraising whilst doing A levels.

A few people offered their old bikes to sell and Dad thought it would be fun to help by fixing them up. This worked well (‘awesomely’ in fact), the word spread, and before long over £3000 in bikes had been sold and the rest of the money raised other ways. A levels went well and off went Kathryn on a 7 country gap year, including 6 months in Bolivia.

It was awesome!