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Andy’s story

By |2015-08-11T09:55:39+01:00August 11th, 2015|

Andy had an old school bike and it had been gathering dust at the back of the garage for a lot of years. With a flush of enthusiasm to get fitter, a restoration project was born and the bike was dismantled to have the frame repainted by Bob Jackson in Leeds. A beautiful job was [...]

John’s story

By |2015-08-11T09:54:30+01:00August 11th, 2015|

With kids now teenage and definitely not requiring lots of entertainment from Mum and Dad, fixing up some bikes in the garage in spare time to raise money for Kathryn’s gap year was a bit of fun. With her funding target met, the word had spread quite wide and people didn’t want to stop bringing [...]

Kathryn’s story

By |2015-08-11T09:17:47+01:00August 11th, 2015|

Once apon a time there was a little girl who met Toybox Charity at a Christian festival and was inspired by their work with street children in Latin America. She became a local fundraising ambassador and even did a work placement in their head office in Milton Keynes with much “woo” and “awesome” along the [...]

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